Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coriander ginger rasam

Coriander ginger rasam is the medicine for cough, cold and of course, fever. A helping of this rasam is sure to give great respite to the throat, tummy and mind.

Preparation time: 10-15 mins

The medicine for cough,cold and fever

Serves: 2  


Boiled pigeon peas (kandipappu/toordal) 2 tbsp  
Coriander (kothimeera/dhania) ½ a bunch  
Ginger (allam/adrak) ¼th inch  
Cumin seeds (jeelakarra/jeera) 1 tsp  
Pinch of tamarind  
Ghee 2 tsp  
Mustard seeds (aavalu/rai) 1 tsp  
Curry leaves 4-5  
Salt to taste  


Pressure-cook or boil the pigeon peas soft and set aside to cool.

Finely chop the ginger and coriander.

Blend to a fine paste the cooled pigeon peas, ginger, coriander, cumin seeds and a pinch each of tamarind and salt.

In a cooking pot/vessel, heat ghee and add mustard seeds. As they pop, add red chillies (optional),curry leaves and pour in the blended pigeon peas and ginger mix. Add water (around a cup), adjust salt and leave to boil for a couple of minutes.

While the aroma of fresh coriander gives a refreshing feeling, the ginger does its medicinal acts and pigeon peas provide the required nutrients. Add 2 spoons rice to a cup of rasam mix and drink it in or drink ala a soup with some salt and pepper. Coriander ginger rasam is a simple solution for people of any age group. The rasam can also be made on regular day-day menus, especially as a digestive option.


Renu navin paliwal said...

i never knew there so many varieties of rasam!!!

Pratnee said...

Lol..there are many more to come:)

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