Monday, April 23, 2012

Bangala bhow(l) Bhow(l)

The recipe’s name is inspired from the popular comedy scene from Chantabbai, where Srilakshmi garu feeds the editor potti Prasad gaaru her own innovative recipe-‘bangala bhow bhow’ and the editor turns amnesiac. Native Jandhyala comedy that has every viewer in splits.  

View the scene here.

Our recipe has its name derived from there and is hopefully not an improvisation of Srilakshmi garu’s. Just like Jandhyala garu’s films are filled with different emotions but laced with comedy, this recipe too is laced with potatoes and can be filled to different flavors.

Preparation time: 30-45 mins

Serves: 4


Potatoes (aloo) 4
Corn flour 2 heaped tbsp
Cumin powder (jeera powder) 1 tsp
Refined cooking oil 1 cup
Salt to taste
Fillings of choice.


Bangala-dumpa in Telugu refers to the potato and that is the base for this recipe- bowl shaped potatoes- Bangala bhow(l) bhow(l).

Wash and boil the potatoes until soft and mash-able. Alternatively, pressure-cook to 4 whistles.

Cool the potatoes peel them and mash soft ala a dough of clay. Add corn flour, salt to taste, cumin powder and red chilli powder (optional) and chat masala (optional) and mix to smooth dough. Ensure the dough is tight enough to bind together but still smooth.

Take lumps of dough and mould into the shape of cups. For this roll the dough in between both the hands to a smooth ball, prick the pointed finger in to make a hole first and use both the thumb fingers to enlarge and even out the hole to the shape of a cup. The first one might get you boggled, but try twice, and your fourth one is sure to become a perfect b(h)owl. (For those used to making rice flour/wheat flour lamps for vrathams and poojas, this is the same technique.)

Deep-fry each of the bhowls in pre-heated oil and remove onto a tissue to drain off the excess oil.

Fill each of the cups with fillings of your choice:  onions, sev, bhel and tamarind chutney are some of the things we fill them with. You could also try nutritious choices like grated tomatoes, carrots, raw mangoes or roasted almonds, green peas- Let your creativity decide the flavor.

Bangala bhow(l) Bhow(l) is a snack recipe, ideal for the summer evenings and starters. With the fillers, it doesn’t feel too oily and goes well with any of the thandas or hot masala chai and makes a chatpata combination with the soups. (With deep fried potatoes and corn flour, the recipe is quite high on calories, thus advisable to have few at a time,made once in a while).

Enjoy your Bangala Bhow(l) Bhow(l) and remember to keep visiting, in case you forget other things. :D


sravani.dinesh said...

Innovative Prats...I just tried you sesame-tomato gojju over the weekend ..It was big hit..M gonna try this weekend as evening snack..Thank you..

Pratnee said...

Wow Shilpa Thank you :) And when you're having this one, don't forget to watch chantabbai and enjoy :)

Pavan said...


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