Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bendakaya vepudu/Bhindi fry

Bendakaya vepudu or okra fry is a regular at most Andhra homes and an all time favourite of many an Andhrite. The recipe is quick and simple.

Preparation time: 15-20 mins

Serves: 2

Okra (Bhindi/bendakaya) ½ kg
Refined cooking oil 1 cup
Curry leaves 4-5
Cashew nuts 4-5
Groundnuts 5-10
Red chilli powder 1tsp
Salt to taste


Wash, wipe dry and cut the okra either vertically or into circles. We prefer circles as it is easier.

Deep fry the okra in pre-heated oil till crisp and set aside.

In another pan/kadai. Heat 1 tbsp oil, add ground nuts, crushed or whole cashews and curry leaves. Sauté for a few minutes.

Add the cashews, groundnuts and curry leaves to the okra. Sprinkle red chilli powder and salt as required. Mix well so that all the okra is evenly spiced.

Serve with piping hot rice smeared with ghee or a phulka, either way bendakaya vepudu goes well.



:) thank you pratyoosha :)

Pratnee said...

:D Anytime.. Hope u really like the recipe:)

Kiran Kumar said...

Can we havs some veg barbeque recipes please!

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