Saturday, May 15, 2010

Almond Strawberry delight

Well, the heat has gotten over the whole of India and us too in the Middle East, but Hyderabad specially seems to be burning. Almond strawberry delight is a cool sip for the much wanted respite from the heat. A bonus: it’s healthy too.

The best part of the recipe is we actually don’t need to go scouting for strawberries. This makes it easier to make this drink all year round and not wait for the strawberry season.

Preparation time: 45-50 mins

Serves: 4

Milk (paalu) ½ litre
Canned/bottled strawberry juice 200 ml
Almond powder (Badam powder) 4tsp
Sugar to taste (optional)


Canned/bottled strawberry juice is available in most supermarkets. So is the ready made Almond mix.

Boil the milk. Add sugar, almond powder and stir well. (Sugar is optional as both almond powder and strawberry juice are reasonably sweet) Set aside to cool.

Once the milk is at room temperature, pour into serving glasses/cups.

Add one to one and half spoons of the canned/bottled strawberry juice to each cup.

Place in the refrigerator to chill for half an hour and not more than that. Since the bottled strawberry juice contains citric acid, it will form a liquefied jelly. Do not touch with spoon or try to mix before serving.

Garnish with strawberry cream wafers, crushed almonds and grated chocolate and serve.

Strawberry almond delight is a colorful summer evening refresher. It can also be served after dinners as deserts with a topping of strawberry ice cream for a classy finish to the evening. Healthy almonds and milk and lip smacking strawberry flavor, this is sure to be on the top of the favorite lists of kids, moms and grandma’s too.


sravani.dinesh said...

hey prats i love ur chills...i tried ur mango drink last summer ..gonna try this tooo :) thanks yaaa

Pratnee said...

Thank You Sravani:) Hope u love this one too:)

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