Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mango Soya milk

Soya milk is very good for health and is prescribed as a low fat and protein rich drink in most of the diets. Soya milk tastes different from the normal milk. Mango Soya milk tastes awesome. For those who don’t like milk, Soya milk is the best alternative.

Serves 2

Preparation time: 5 - 10 mins


Medium sized ripe and yellow Mangoes 1 or 2
Chilled Soya Milk (soya paalu) 1 cup(250 ml)
Cardamoms (elaichi) 2
Crushed almond/Almond powder (badam powder) 1tsp
Sugar to taste
Ice cubes (Optional)


Slice the mango and keep aside. Incase of the juicy varieties of mangoes, squeeze the juice out and keep aside.

Now into the juice jar of the mixie/juicer/blender, add the chopped slices of the mangoes or the juice extracted from the mangoes. To this add 4 ice cubes (optional for extremely chilled). Add 1 cup of chilled Soya milk. Add Cardamoms and ½ a tsp of Almond powder/crushed almonds. Add sugar to taste. Generally, Soya milk itself is sweet and mangoes are also sweet. Sugar can be added accordingly.
Now grind/blend the ingredients together till they make a thin liquid mixture.

Take into the serving glass, garnish with a few crushed Almonds/badam powder, few small pieces of mango and serve.

Sweet and chilly, Mango Soya milk is a refreshing evening drink and good for the health too. A getaway from the sweltering heat and a treat to the sweet tooth.

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Pavan said...

i have been hooked on to soya for quite a while now and this tastes amazing!!! in fact soya is amazing even with coffee!!

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