Sunday, April 26, 2009

Milky Mango

We have seen quite a few recipes with raw mangoes and now with the ripe yellow mangoes that are already coloring the town yellow!! Whether it is the king of mangoes, Apoos or alphansos from Ratnagiri or the Bangenpalli, Himayat, Dasehri and Rasalu that throng the Hyderabad ke “Galli Fruit dukaans” (especially Mojamjahi market) or the Raspuris that fill Bengaluru, the sandalwood city with their striking aroma and the malgobas popular for their size, mangoes are mangoes. Gleaming yellow under the bright summer sunshine, just a look at them makes the tongue smack the lip sounding slurrrrrp!! Milky mango is one such slurpy recipe that can be made from any variety of mangoes, but only from ripe and yellow ones.

Preparation time: 5-10 mins

Serves 2


Ripe and yellow Mangoes
Cold Milk (paalu) ½ a cup (2 ladles)
Cardamoms (elaichi) 2
Sugar to taste


We have not mentioned the number of mangoes as that depends on the variety of the mango used:
If it is Malgoba,bangenpalli or himayat variety, 1 mango will do and the mango should be peeled, sliced into cubes and kept aside.
If it is Apoo or dasehri variety, 2 mangoes will do and the mangoes should be peeled, sliced and kept aside.
If it is the rasalu or raspuri variety, 2 mangoes will do and the mango should be squeezed so that the all the juice is extracted.
Any other variety, please use accordingly.

Now into the juice jar of the mixie/juicer, add the chopped slices of the mangoes or the juice extracted from the mangoes. To this add exactly 2 ladles or half a cup of milk (If more milk is added, the dish becomes light and like a milkshake)

Add Cardamoms and sugar to taste. Sugar shall depend on how sweet the mango is and how much sweet is preferred.

Now grind the ingredients together till they make a thick liquid mixture. (For Rasalu and raspuri variety however, it doesn’t turn out very thick)

Fresh and fruity, Milky mango is ready. The best way to have milky mango is with hot pooris or peas pooris and any of the mango pickles (a few of them listed below). It can also be had as a dessert after a meal, making the meal itself feel fantastic or even just as an evening food for kids.


Pavan said...

yummmy mango!! slurp slurp!!

Anonymous said...

Hiiiiii Akka. This is truely AMAZING... Choostune Noorurinche la vundi


Pratnee said...

Thanq Abhi:)

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