Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy Sree Rama Navami

From Thyagaraja to Ramadasa and even Tulasidasa there are innumerable saint poets who have sung innumerable songs in praise of Lord Rama. Sabari is said to have tasted every fruit that she fed Rama and Lakshmana with. Today on Sree Rama Navami, we bring to you the taste of Ramanavami special food. Sree Rama Navami is a major festival in North India. In Andhra, the annual Sree sitarama kalyanam that is performed at Bhadrachalam is viewed on television all over the state and is a ritual in today’s Andhra households. The typical festivities include a compulsory menu of Vadapappu (Kosambri in Kannada), Panakam (Panaka in Kannada), Majjiga (Majjige in Kannada) and Rasayanam (Fruit Salad). Bangaloreans will be more familiar with Karaga, which happens on the chitra poornima day, around a week after Sri Rama Navami. As the procession hits the streets we find a lot of aravatige (stalls) distributing Kosambari, Panaka, Majjige and Rasayna to the devotees.

(Green gram salad)

Serves 2


Green gram (Moong Dal /Pesara pappu) 1 cup (200 g)
Grated Carrot ¼ cup
Grated Mango ¼ cup
Grated cucumber ¼ cup
Grated fresh coconut ¼ cup
Finely chopped coriander ¼ cup
Ghee 1tsp
Red Chilly 1
Mustard seeds 1 tsp
Finely chopped green chillies 1
Pomogrenate seeds ¼ cup (optional)
Pinch of asafoetida
Salt to taste


Wash thoroughly and soak the Moong Dal for 2 hrs. Drain the water out completely.

Keep a kadai/pan on the stove and add a tsp ghee. Once hot add the mustard seeds and once they splutter add the red chilli, curry leaves and a pinch of asafoetida (hing).

To the moong dal add the grated carrot, cucumber, grated raw mango (mamidi kaayi/maavinkaay), finely chopped green chilly and mix well. Pomegranate seeds can also be added as per taste. Add salt to taste and mix.

Now season with the above tempering and garnish with finely chopped coriander and grated fresh coconut.

Kosambri is ready to serve. Please note that all the ingredients should be added to the moong dal just before serving. That means the dish should be had as and when it is prepared because the moong dal starts smelling after a while.

Kosambri is highly rich in proteins and a very nutritious, tasty, simple and healthy recipe.

Paanakam/Paanaka (Lime juice)


Jaggery 250 gms
Cardomom (Elaichi) 2
Lemons (Nimmakaayi) 1
Water 1 cup


Soak the jaggery in water and let it dissolve completely. Add the cardamom.

Once the jaggery has completely dissolved in water, squeeze juice from the lemon and add it to the jaggery water and mix well.

Now add a few ice cubes (optional) and serve.

Panakam is a soothing coolant on hot summer evenings.



Beaten Curds 1 cup
Cumin powder (jeera powder) 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curry leaves
Finely chopped Coriander

Beat the curds well so that it is very thin. Add water and beat the curds to make it thinner as possible. Please ensure there are no lumps.

Add cumin powder and salt to taste and beat again. Now add the curry leaves, freshly chopped coriander and serve. Majjiga can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 to 12 hrs.

Curds are the best coolant available and it is always advisable to have a cup of majjiga after lunch on hot summer afternoons.

m (Fruit salad)


Ripe bananas
Musk melons
Finely grated coconut
Cardamom powder (Elaichi powder)


Cut into slices all the fruits mentioned above and any other fruits that you please.

Add a sugar and cardamom powder and mix.

Add honey and freshly grated coconut and serve. Children can be specially treated to a little fresh cream added to the salad.

This fruit salad is sweet, healthy and fresh. A treat for children and a relief for moms from the worry of the exact nutritious intake.

Please note that we have not mentioned the required quantities as they depend on respective preferences.

Ramaaya Rama Bhadraaya Rama Chandraya Vedase Raghunadhaya Nadhaya Seethaya Pathaye Namaha


Pavan said...

Sree Ramanavami ante Ramudi Birthday!

Chaitra said...

Ramanavami Subhakankshalu..!!
Hey.. Btw.. Pavan.. thats a Mr. Pellam Dialogue right?? Its so much fun to watch that movie..!!
Hey.. Good work girls!! Keep it up.. waiting for Vinayaka Chavithi already!!! :P

avagdro said...

Thanks for sharing such devotional dishes.Wish you all a Happy Sri Rama Navami.

Best wishes
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Pratnee said...

Thank you Pavan, Chaitra and Avagdro:) Happy sree ramanavami to all of you:)

akhila.s said...

I miss !! I miss !! Watching lava kusha that used to play on Gemini tv on this day!!
Happy Ramanavami and amaazing food! :))

Holidayswa said...

Thanks for the complete post.
Best wishes.
Ram Navami Festival

Rajeswari Achyut said...

andriki sri vijaya nama sitadevi sameta sriramakalyanotsva subhakankhalu


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