Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Orange Ginger juice

It’s Holi and a day when everyone gets drenched in colors and water. It is also the time when most of us catch cold and fever after a long day of celebrations. Orange and ginger juice is a preventive from this cold while allowing you to have fun and food this festival.

Preparation time: 10-15 mins


Oranges 2

Grated ginger (Adrak) 1½tsp
Chopped coriander 1tsp
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste


Peel and de-seed the oranges. Add to the juicer and extract the juice. Alternatively add to the blender along with the chopped coriander and blend to a pulpy juice.

To around half a cup of water add the grated ginger and boil for around 5 mins.

Cool the ginger water for 2 mins and add the orange-coriander juice or orange extract. Adjust salt, sugar to taste and stir well.

Serve as is or cooled, Orange ginger juice is a perfect Holi welcome drink. While the orange adds flavor, ginger prevents cold and cough.

(Note: Please do not use bottled orange juice as it contains preservatives that might react when added to warm ginger water).

Enjoy a colorful and Happy Holi.

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