Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Terrific Third Year!!!

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Om Annapoorna devi Namaha

May the food relishing God Ganesha and the Goddess of food Annapoorna bless the world with prosperity aplenty.

Three years of cooking, clicking and posting. We learnt, experimented, tasted and enjoyed every bit of it. From traditional use of spices to healthy methods of cooking, this year has been a true learning experience.

Hoping to reach more than 700 followers soon, we continue to have more than 50 visits per day. The blog now has an ad too.

We specially thank Manoj Kasyap, Pavan, Usha and Mr. Shastry for being our backbone and foundation.

We thank Sathyavathi garu, Vasantha aunty, Datthatreya and Kamal Kiran for their special contribution and constant support to the blog. We also thank Kashyap for all his technical advice. We look to learn a lot more from them and keep publishing their recipes.

We also thank Cervello for the food recipe SMS services they provide.

We thank the team at Namasthe Telangana for all the publicity and support.

A special thank you to Shilpa Jeedigunta, Arpit Shekhar, Pingali Tanuja and Akhila Shankarbandi for their regular feedback.

We would forever thank you for the never-ending encouragement and critical feedback that helps us to think better, cook better and write better. We shall together celebrate “food” and shall feed our art, your heart and energize every thought with sumptuous delicacies.

Looking forward to a glowing year 4....


Neeharika Kasyap
Pratyoosha Sastry Gurazada


sravani.dinesh said...

Cheers!! Girls..wishing you a rocking 4th year and loads of new recipes in the coming year..Wishing you the good luck and god bless you

Pratnee said...

Thank you Sravani:)

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