Tuesday, October 25, 2011


A very Happy Deepavali to all our blog readers and fellow bloggers. Hope the diyas light up your life with happiness and success.

On a personal note, we wish Neeharika and Manoj, a bright and beautiful first Deepavali.

Diwali is the most popular Indian festival and Jalebi is the most popular Indian sweet. The perfect sweet for the auspicious occasion.


All purpose flour (Maida)
Refined cooking oil
Kesar food colour


Mix flour (maida) with water to a batter (of pakora batter consistency) and set aside to ferment for a day (around 20 hrs).

When the batter ferments, there is a tangy smell that comes from it indicating that the batter is properly fermented.

Add a little more flour to the batter to thicken it (a vada batter consistency). The batter should be able to flow freely yet slightly thick. Add kesar food colour while mixing.

To 1 cup water add 2 cups sugar and keep stirring on medium heat to make the sugar syrup. Add cardamoms for flavor.

Take a thick white cloth, make a hole in the center, add the batter and wrap it like a goody-bag. A ketchup bottle is another option.

Hold the bag and pour the batter over pre-heated oil in concentric circles and fry until crisp and golden in colour. Ensure they don't get brown.

Remove and dip in the sugar syrup and serve hot with rabdi or fresh cream.

Jalebi is one of the most popular Indian dessert. Crisp and light with the right dosage of sweetness they are an instant hit with every desi at heart.

Enjoy a dhamakedar Diwali with family, friends, diyas, sweets and of course fireworks.


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