Friday, April 1, 2011

Lebanese Fattoush salad

With temperatures rising, the season for cool salads is also in. Fattoush salad is a popular mid eastern Lebanese recipe and an awesome one too.

Preparation time: 10-20 mins

Serves: 2


Cucumber 1

Tomatoes 1

Capsicum 1

Red bell pepper 1

Onion (ullipaya) 1

Spring onions' strands 4

Parsley 4 strands

Lemon juice 2tsp

Olive oil 2tbsp

Pomegranate syrup 1tbsp

Pepper 2tsp

Sumac/citric acid (optional) 1tsp

Salt to taste


Wash and finely chop the cucumber, tomato, capsicum, red bell pepper, onion, spring onion leaves and parsley. (Generally, the veggies are just diced but to suit Indian menus we have finely chopped them)

Add all the veggies into a bowl. Add lemon juice, olive oil and toss gently.

Add the pomegranate syrup, salt to taste, pepper and sumac or citric acid (optional for a lemony, tangy taste).

Toss well, garnish with some toasted or fried pita bread (or papads) and serve.

Fattoush salad is a main course recipe as well as a snack and can be included as a salad in our regular menus. Tangy and healthy, it is one of the coolest sunny afternoon lunch ideas.

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