Friday, April 23, 2010

Papaya Cucumber salad

Its summer and most of India is burning hot. Nothing great with the climate in the mid-east deserts too.

Salads are the best food for summer and papaya cucumber salad is the perfect summer evening salad. Papayas are abundantly available in summer and so are cucumbers. Also Papayas are very good for the skin. The fruit enables the skin to glow naturally and that is why it is also used in facepacks. Cucumbers are universally popular coolants and skin softeners. So the salad is more of a secret to soft and glowing skin, especially during summers.

An important NOTE: Expecting moms are NOT supposed to have papaya as it’s dangerous. Papaya creates heat in the body which is not good for them.


Medium sized ripe papaya 1
Cucumber 2
Other Ingredients vary according to the methods used for preparation


Peel and make equal sized small cubes of the papaya and cucumbers and chill for 10 mins. Most of the super markets sell cut papayas. That’s a good option too as it means less of work.

Spicy salad:

Add 1 tsp chat masala powder, pinch of red chilli powder and salt to taste to the papaya and cucumber cubes. Mix well and garnish with fresh and chopped coriander. Serve chilled.

Sweet salad:

Make a fine powder of 4tsps sugar and 2 cardamoms. Sprinkle on the powder on the papaya and cucumber cubes and pour fresh honey. Garnish with fresh and grated coconut (optional).


This is another way of making Papaya and cucumber salad.

In a pan, heat 2 tsp ghee. Add mustard seeds and as they splutter add 1tsp black gram
(urad dal/uddipappu). Add 4 curry leaves, a pinch of asafoetida.

Season the papaya and cucumber cubes with the above tempering. Add a finely chopped green chilly, salt to taste and mix well. Garnish with fresh and grated coconut and serve.

Whatever the method used, papaya cucumber salad is a nutritious and healthy summer food. Coconut provides the fat necessary for the body, ensuring that the skin doesn’t seem to dry. And honey is always known to be good for health. With so many good things, there is an aura of positive ness that will relax the body and mind. So the next time you go shopping, remember to pick on a fully ripe papaya and a few cucumbers.

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