Monday, September 21, 2009

Allam Pachadi/Ginger chutney

Like coconut chutney, ginger chutney is a regular snack supplement in Andhra homes. It is simple and at the same time good for digestion. Not too spicy, it is savored by the young and old.


Ginger (allam/adrak) 250 g
Tamarind (Chintapandu/Imli) 1 blob (50 g)
Jaggery (Bellam/Gud) 50 g
Mustard seeds (aavalu) 2 tsps
Red Chillies 4
Chick peas (senaga pappu) 1 tsp
Black gram (Uddi Pappu) 2 tsps
Refined cooking oil 2 tsps
Salt to taste


Soak the blob of tamarind in half a cup of water for at least 15 mins.

Finely chop ginger (or peel and grate it as a quicker alternative).

Roast in a tsp of oil, a tsp each of mustard seeds, chick peas, black gram, 2 red chillies ,salt to taste and the finely chopped/grated ginger. Keep aside to cool. Once cool grind all together.

Squeeze the blob of soaked tamarind to juice it completely. Add the tamarind juice and soaked tamarind water to the above ground paste and grind again (after squeezing the tamarind is generally thrown).

Add jaggery in equal measure to the tamarind used and grind once again.

Season with a tempering of mustard seeds, black gram and red chillies in a tsp of oil.

Sweet and hot ginger chutney is ready. Ginger chutney goes well with dosas, idlis, and any of the south Indian snacks, not to mention with some plain dal and rice. The most famous combo is however pesarattu and ginger chutney.


Pavan said...

my absolute fav.... i love it with some tomato pappu and rice.... !!!! woowwwww!!!

Pratnee said...

I know..Shall make it for you now, its good for digestion too:)

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