Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mughalai Green peas pulao

On a personal note, we wish Amma and Nana a very happy Wedding anniversary.. :)

Simple and light to the stomach, the method in which Mughalai peas pulao is made makes it healthy too. Mughalai Peas pulao is a flavored rice item includable in the main course, especially when the guest list is huge as it takes less effort and time but tastes awesome.

Preparation time: 40-45 mins

Serves 2


Raw rice (Basmati or any long variety rice) 2 cups/400 gms
Green peas (Batani) 1 cup/100 gms
Chopped/slit Green chillies 2-4
Bay leaf 2
Cloves (lavangam/laung) 2
Cardamom (yallakai/elaichi) 2
Cinamon Stick (dalchinchaka/dalchini) 1
Cumin seeds 1tsp
Ghee 2 tsp
Milk (paalu) 1 cup
Fresh and chopped coriander 2-4 tsps
Salt to taste

Cashews/babycorn/red pepper/yellow pepper to garnish


Fresh green peas any day will taste fantastic. Now a days the frozen green peas available in the supermarkets is easier to use and time-saving. Either can be used.

Wash and soak the Basmati rice or any long rice for 20 mins.

In a cooker/vessel, for the soaked rice, add 2 green chillies, cloves, cardomom, Cinnamon stick, 1 bay leaf. Add 1 cup of milk and the remaining water (generally we use one and a half cups of water for cooking one cup of basmati rice into pulao. Accordingly for 2 cups of rice, it should be 3 cups of water. Since 1 cup of milk is added, the remaining that is 2 cups of water in this case. Accordingly water shall be added depending on the portion of rice being cooked.). Add a pinch of salt and close the lid. Pressure cook up to 2 whistles.

In a separate vessel/kadai/pan ( bandli/mookudu), add 2 tsps of ghee. To this add 2 green chillies (only if spicy rice is preferred), 1 bay leaf and 2 tsps of cumin seeds. As the cumin seeds splutter, add a cup of green peas and salt to taste (keeping in mind the salt already added to the rice) and allow to cook. This may take around 5 mins on simmer.

Switch the stove off and add the cooked rice mix. Add fresh and chopped coriander and mix once. Mughalai green peas pulao is ready. Garnish with ghee roasted cashews or long slit babycorns/red pepper or yellow pepper.

Mughalai green peas pulao is a main course dish and can be supplemented by any of the gravy curries, raithas or just plain thick curds and green salad.


Pavan said...

i like it with some good dal makhani... soooper it will be!!!

Pratnee said...

I know:) great combo!

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